Matilda Mackey is a dance artist specializing in the sensory language of movement and choreography. Raised in Iowa City, Iowa, Matilda received her foundational training at the Nolte Academy under lifelong mentor Leslie Nolte. In 2020, she graduated from The Juilliard School, where she rounded out her formal education and gained a depth of intrigue, prowess and levity within dance and media. 
As part of her studies at Juilliard and intensives like Springboard Danse Montreal and B12 in Berlin, Matilda has worked with and performed pieces by choreographers including Maxine Doyle, Bobbi Jene Smith, Zvi Gotheiner, Bill T. Jones, Peter Chu and Zina Zinchenko. 
Matilda is currently performing with Juilliard’s Center for Innovation in the Arts, Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup, and Mare Nostrum Elements’ Emerging Choreographers Series. She also is a member of project-based companies ZviDance, Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup and Wyckoff Collective, and has also attended several dance residencies in preparation for performances with New York City-based choreographers, including Rosie Deangelo, Michelle Thompson Ulerich and Doron Perk.
Matilda’s work has been presented at Juilliard’s Choreographic Honors Showcase and various festivals, including the Merce Cunningham Centennial Celebration, Dare to Dance in Public: Pandemania, NYC White Wave Solo/Duo Festival, and the Iowa Dance Festival.  
Matilda is also passionate about the art of teaching; she teaches Mat and Reformer Pilates at East River Pilates in Brooklyn. The somatic connections between dance and Pilates continue to inspire her daily, and she enjoys teaching as a means to inspire others. 
She is in the midst of formulating her own teaching methodology which explores how the analytical process of anatomical and somatic data gathering can directly inform and enhance movement invention, performance and improvisation, and had the opportunity to apply this methodology as she was on-faculty for Dance Italia's 2022  NYC Winter Workshop (founded by Stefanie Nelson). 
Matilda is directing and choreographing her first collaborative dance film titled “Confessional”, alongside poet and visual artist Paul Rabinowitz. 
Matilda’s artistic practice is rooted in her interest in the intersection of dance and other arts, and the intersection of art and the world that encases it. Her pursuits follow the notion of receptivity as a two-way street—you get out of one thing what you put into it. She dances for community, communication, and clarity amidst chaos. She aspires to contribute equity for all in the arts, a cultivated space for and with others, and beauty that leads to inspiration. Each day with movement is a stride towards realizing that aspiration into a more tangible reality, a utilization of resources for personal and collective growth. 
Matilda is also passionate about reading, writing poetry, cooking, and spending time outdoors with her sweet dog, Bubba. 
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